Make Karabinar work on macOS Sierra

Tap ⌘ key to switch from English to Japanese and vice versa

Download Karabinar-Elements 0.90.72.

Install it.

Open Terminal and create a custom config json:

$ touch ~/.config/karabiner/karabiner.json

Edit the this file with following content:

"profiles": [
"devices": [],
"name": "Default profile",
"selected": true,
"simple_modifications": {
"left_command": "left_command",
"right_command": "right_command"
"standalone_keys": {
"left_command": "japanese_eisuu",
"right_command": "japanese_kana"
"virtual_hid_keyboard": {
"keyboard_type": "ansi"

Now you can switch to English by tap left ⌘ key; Switch to Japanese by tap right ⌘ key. Holding ⌘ key operations (copy, paste, etc.) still works 🎉🎉🎉


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