The meanful idea of knowing other cultures

Travel is not only the action to go somewhere else. Travel implies a process of getting knowledge. Someone can travel only to have fun, but that is not the real meaning of a good travel. A good travel is when the traveler gets involved in the culture you are visiting, when the travelers experiences the reality of the people from that place. Travel as a political act gives to the traveler the opportunity to not only get to know the culture of others, but also his/her own culture.

Traveling as a political act can be a useful tool to make a positive change in order to generate some kind of social progress. By traveling as a political act the traveler can experience the problems that the country he/she is visiting has, and by knowing those problems the traveler can create a plan to generate a possible solution to those problems. The traveler also can make conscience on his or her community about the difference of points of view, problems, and other issues that the culture he/she had visited is facing, when he or she goes back home. A very effective way to travel as a political act and at the same time generate social progress is by traveling to participate in volunteering projects that have the goal of give some benefits to the culture that the traveler is visiting.