Being and not-being

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to exist?

Without actually having to have, or to persist?

How to enjoy what it is without destroying what is about to be?

How to have and to be without actually trying to achieve?

How to look pass the soul and the feeling?

How to live without fearing and believing?

In honor and in fault,

in wisdom and in halt.

Sometimes it is very hard to comprehend

That every life is not the same

That we are all a tiny big universe,

All part of a never ending coincidence,

That never stops, never ceases, but always pleases.

That even our very own existence on this small resistance

That we call universe

has its own cause and its own roots

Its own problems and its own fruits.

Like a tree that never dies

Like a rock that never tries:

To know right from wrong

To discern weak from strong.

To know,

that our world is built upon

so many complexities.

That our life might just come to be

just as a random entity.

Where every second and every play

Can make the difference between night and day

Can change our life in a blink of an eye.

Even when we don’t even try,

To find a way to understand:

Between suffering and enjoying,

Between fulfillment and avoiding.

When just a glance, a smile or a little lie

Can change the world in someone’s eye

Can bring down the holy sky

That lives deep in all of us

And constitutes the effects and cause.

That can bring hell with just one rose.

Or make our lives more glorious.

When two are one, when best is none.

When doing and not doing are just like two close friends

Just like dark and light, like peace and fight.

Everything happens, nothing stays, everything changes.

Because the course where the river runs its tracks

Is as important as the river that never stops

Because the beauty of a lovely house

Is as important of the emptiness that dwells inside.

To be or not to be, that’s not the problem

Being has never become a problem.

Because we are from the time we are born

And we become as we try to grow old.

So being has never actually become a problem.

(Except when are bothered by anger, sadness, or hunger)

But, how to deal with not-being?

How to be by not-being?

How not-being, by being?