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I have a Big Idea for an App

8 Great Steps to Creating an application

Thinking of an Idea

Every application is created from an idea whether small or large, can be as crazy or as creating something and improve an existing one. One of the frequent questions we ask are:

That will help my application?
Who is it for this application? Parents? Mothers? Children? Young?


What is Wireframe? It is simply an outline that contains graphics, design elements also, can have colors to differentiate other elements.

Will it help us ?

Well wireframe helps a lot in organization of architectural elements, know that some content or anger in a certain place, that size will. Note that it is not necessary to complete the application with multiple items, you must have a good ux and a good interface (ease of use). It is very important to know which element is more important (hierarchy). More examples at thislink.

Important fact: The hierarchy of an element can be of several types:

  • Size
  • Contrast
  • Color
  • Style
  • Group
  • Unit
  • Symmertry
  • Similarity
Difference type of Wireframe


This is one of the parts where the design has no limits, it’s here where the creativity comes to light. It’s time to give life to our project, much depends on our target for the deposit of color to apply (Psychology of Color), then we will see the font to use, have a good intuitive interface. Read the patterns of iOS ,Android or Windows Phone, know the latest themes. Here I leave a link that may help them much Various Elements for Designers.

Guidelines :


Android / Material Design

Windws Phone


What’s the Mockup mean? It is a scale model or actual size of a design into a device.

Before entering the code of our app, we test a design, color, typography and usability.

Design of Aplication.



It’s time to start programming, we need to think only of one thing .

Clean Code = Happy Aplication


The best way to test an application is using it. pressing all buttons in sight it’s a common method to ensure that everything runs smoothly

If you find a mistake, it’s just a matter of solving a simple and easy way.

Nobody is perfect


And the last step, the most awaited part by everyone: It’s time to upload your application to virtual stores .

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