Don’t build MVP, build Minimum Viable Companies

We are now in a LEGO-like world. You can build a Minimum Viable Product just connecting SaaS’s Services, Open Source Components and a little programming.

Nowadays is more important an API that a GUI, we don’t need Hero Developers, we need “connectors”, developers with the ability of reusing and connecting componentes fast.

Startups usually has focused in building Minimum Viable Products, but now we need move to the next level, now entrepreneurs must build Minimum Viable Companies focused in a customer need, not a product.

A MVC is a organization with a great team, with consumer’s needs knowledge, investor confidence and internally well organized. A MVC is able to build products and solutions for an specific customer need, which spread fast and easily scalable.

If a MVC fails with one product, it can build another product quickly and cheap, so it can be sold to existing customers without having to make changes in the organization.

Companies focused in products don’t usually performs well when they fails and try to pivot to another market or customers need.

Building Minimum Viable Companies is the new focus for entrepreneurs.