IoP Family

Crises serve for two things, to destroy or to strengthen, the outcome depends on the attitude of those who confront them; and the attitude of those who decided to work to consolidate the vision of Internet of People was to go ahead and work hard.

Summer was the stage of preparation to be ready in October with the relaunch of our community and prepare the deliveries of:

  • Improved bitcoin-based IoP client code 15.
  • New corporate design (logo, website, etc)
  • New bitcointalk ad
  • Voting and contribution contracts.

following in November with IoP Connect and Profile Server, great enhancements that improve performance on mobile devices.

Within three weeks of opening our official telegram group we have reached 500 members, we have appeared on the bittrex homepage at least 7 of the last 15 days and more and more people are interested in our IoP token; and also to know who we are behind this great project.

Those who are already in the telegram group are witnesses of the great importance we give to each one of those who come to it, and this is due in large measure to the fact that whoever we are to materialize this project we see ourselves as a family, IoP Family. Many people have asked us for our credentials to evaluate if we are capable of conducting this project, which has led me to reflect on those who have made great projects in the crypto world, starting with the popular and unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, that if it were to appear with that anonymity to sell us a project called bitcoin, many of us wouldn´t open his mail.

Or maybe if someone as young as Vitalik Buterin (ethereum) or Jared Tate (Digibyte) will come to present his project, we couldn´t trust so much to lead projects of several Million Dollars.

Those of us who are actively working on this IoP project have learned how to organize ourselves, work in a decentralized way and attend to the necessary tasks despite the distance, different schedules and personal circumstances of each one, a good example of what the Internet of People is looking for. Many of us have not shaken hands yet, we are spread over different parts of the world: Hungary, Holland, Germany, Ukraine, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Colombia. Personally, I hope to give each a big hug soon.

The project is in the best hands and is open to incorporating the talent that every challenge requires. What the world is seeing today is the result more than a team work, a work of family, the IoP family.

We are a couple of days of a new beginning; thanks to each of the 500 members of Telegram.

If you want to know more about Internet of People project go to our new website