IoP, people in cryptospace found us before

The previous Saturday we commented in the community the twit that had appeared on the opportunity to buy our IoP token.

Sunday morning I woke up with the news that the price had a “significant” recovery and was catching the attention of people in crypto, who were finally coming to our groups Telegram and Discord to ask about our IoP Community.

In three days the price of IoP came from 15000 sts to 150000 sts, and for 2 days we became the currency with the highest volume of operation in Bittrex, reaching almost 8000 BTC, when four days before was 8 BTC; there were some who earned 10 times the value of the IoP buyed price.

The Community has been reorganizing since last June to be able to present October 1st. some new products and a detailed route map. Our developers have been meeting in Budapest since the beginning of the month working on it and other associated projects of which we are part, in particular with the Libertarian Project; and this sudden attention forced us to give answers to new people coming and to comment a little on some of our plans. However it does not change in the structural our plans to go out to the world October 1st.

What we have told to people buying IoPs.

  • The price has decreased considerably from its historical highs of .013 BTC up to .00015000 due to problems experienced by the community and led to separate from the project fermat.
  • Our Angel Investor received IoP’s at a valuation of 12 USD.
  • We are delivering in October an innovative, community-driven, person-to-person (P2P) technology that can be used for many other new projects.
  • We are building an infrastructure with which it would be much easier for others to build their own p2p applications right on our protocols (and nodes). The first project called Libertaria will use our infrastructure
  • We planned to do a proof of concept of IoP Connect and it has already been released.
  • We planned to bring developers together for a month in Budapest and find themselves working in a cellar locked in the basement (this is a joke, but this is handled in the community).
  • And that despite the growing attention to our currency our plans are maintained and we are within days to release the news and products.

Obviously after a multiplication of 10 times in the price there are those who sell theird coins, many of those who came to the community these last days came precisely to that; however we have found enough visitors who have known about our project and join us to stay with us to support the fulfillment of our goals; many thanks to them.

Since we started this escalation in price we have been asked what our goal is, asking for the price; our response has always been and will continue to be: Building a better world.

There are only a few days left until October 1st, great things are coming.