Is 2018 the year of Internet Of People?

One of the definitions that I like most about history is the one that says “it is the study of the past to understand the present and to be able to design a better future”. The present of the IoP Community can be understood through what has happened to us in the exciting year 2017 that has just ended.

A crisis that led the community to take charge of the project in order to fulfill its objectives; a network of more than 100 chapters of which only 12 were left to work to rebuild a wounded community. A team of developers committed to the success of the project, the leader team of the nascent Libertaria project that supported with the reorganization and the financials, as well as the few investors that were trusting in the project.

The results are evident and can be felt today:

Planning process improved with integration of a leadership team, bluepaper development, efficient financial planning, development of an organization based on divisions and strategic alliances.

Significant improvements in the products delivered by the developers, more efficient code, new and quick wallets, bots incorporated to our social channels, new image of the project, etc.

Chapters Network growing in a controlled manner under the precept of adding value; practice of nascent governance, divisions developing projects and working in an orderly manner.

Growing community interacting mainly in Telegram, Discord, twitter and Reddit;

Presentation of the project in different forums of the industry, international and local.

Alliances giving results.-, currently the chapter tests the full nodes that will integrate the P2P network running on the Titania Operating System of the Libertaria Project using Raspberry 3; while the IoP community and investors are being rewarded with the Libertaria tokens, Hydra, for their support of the community.

Hydra’s pre-sale is already happening in our Discord chat channel.

What awaits us this 2018:

Consolidate the Internet of People as a Digital Cooperative with efficient, democratic processes and a successful global operation.

Consolidate each of the IoP Divisions with projects that add value to the community.

Release the full nodes to the public to build the P2P network, and move to POW / POS mining; as well as the development of the firsts decentralized applications.

Develop the Open Socialgraph and integrate IoP with Hydra.

Held chapters conferences, one global and several regional.

Those who have invested in IOP are obviously concerned about the increase in the price of IoP; the rise in the value finally depends on the market, which must reward the delivery of products in time and with a great added value, which is the purpose of this community.

We continue working to build a better world, where people come first.

Happy 2018 year the IoP Community wishes you! Thank you very much for your support

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