Strangest Driving Fines Around the World

Strange Driving Fines

Going on a road trip in a foreign country has become the new travelling trend. Some people assure that it is no better way to discover a country, travelers can get off the hot tourist spots and spontaneously find unknown villages, friendly locals and authentic cuisine. In other cases, people just relocate to other countries and need to hit the roads quickly because in some cities a car could be the only transportation system available.

Nevertheless, driving abroad can be tricky because each country has different regulations based on their environment and infrastructure. For instance, the Road Traffic Act of Botswana states that “no animal shall be carried on a motor cycle in such a way as to obstruct the driver’s view or prevent his exercising complete control over such motor cycle”. Drivers caught doing so could face a large fine or 6 to 24 months in prison!

Since motor cycles are the most popular transportation system in Botswana, it used to be very common to see drivers carrying everything on these two wheels’ motor vehicles, from animals to Kitchen appliances.

Other rules are not as sever but pretty uncommon too. in Russia, dirty cars face fines of up to £25 after city officials enacted the ‘clean car month’ in 2016. This law was created to encourage Muscovites to wash their mucky motors after the long Russian winter. During the colder months, the mud and grit that accumulates on roads get onto vehicles, and by spring time all cars used to be extremely filthy.

Every country creates their own regulations based on their conditions and culture, things that can be familiar for some people for others can be extremely strange or even funny.

As it could be the case of New South Wales, where splashing pedestrians can land fines of up to £1,255, but only if they are waiting for a bus. Yes, only if they are waiting for the bus!

In other cities in the UK splashing pedestrians is illegal and drivers should be ready to pay up to £5,000 or get penalty points in their license. So, if you are a pedestrian, make sure to record the number plate to report this careless driver to the police.

Enjoy these 5 graphics that we have created along Compare the market and learn more about some of the strangest traffic laws around the world.