Juan Manuel Naranjo
2 min readMay 21, 2018



My favorite classes in the semester in the subject of methods and approaches were the demo Thursdays, when the professor Raul Mora invited us to make different activities with the purpose of putting in practice the topics we study around the rest of the week. Demo Thursdays consisted in develop ludic strategies that allowed us to take participation and appreciate different alternatives in the classes we will prepare in the future. For me, all this Thursdays were very important and really priceless but there were specific demo days that I will remember always because of the methodology that the teacher implemented. It should be mentioned that the activities implemented these days never seemed improvised, but on the contrary they were innovative ideas and it is something that must be attributed to the teacher.

For example, there was a class where the teacher invited us to make performances where we show a different and innovative ways to sell a product to learn English, the activity turned out really funny and permitted us to get rid of the shame and take out our creative side. The pedagogic purpose in this demo Thursday was to give the students the confident to create different tactics where they could show their ingenious, besides the collaborative work with the classmates which is very important. I remember that many groups made us laugh a lot with their funny ideas and performances like the method of sleeping to learn vocabulary and English.

Another Demo Thursday I liked the most were when Raul Mora teach by stories, songs and videos, funny and different ways to learn grammatical tenses, that class was really productive, there were time to develop many activities, but the one that impressed me a lot was the one when we could read with many voices the different texts, for example, the songs. The teacher made an interpretation that for me was hilarious, he read the song “anaconda” by Nicki Minaj as it was a poem, I laugh a lot and I realize this is a creative way to make the students want to read and create a pleasure for relating things they have in their day by day with the academic things.

In conclusion the subject of methods and approaches helped me to recognize that the study and teach of a language like English has many ways to be spread, people can enjoy it discovering the different uses, both here and abroad, the origins and the pedagogic issue there is always behind a class.

Raúl A. Mora, Ph.D. LSLP Colombia #MATLUPB #UPB