The problem is this, if a developer codes a functionality for let’s say ordering a coffee nearby my…
Mahieddine Cherif

Cherif Mahieddine I guess deciding the services will be easily resolved by 1) ViV first setting or suggesting sensible defaults (aka == sponsored ones), 2) letting the user set his/her preferred defaults, and 3) specifying the service uniquely as Marc suggests

ViV or an alternative product seems to me like an ultimate platform. I cannot foresee at the moment that ViV will be a recognized feature&logo like WiFi or Bluetooth, considering that there are and will be so many competing products.

I totally foresee and bet that there will be one single assistant that you take for granted, but how will it play out when ViV, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, … all want to be that assistant? Will one just win? Or will they be integrated into a meta assistant that uses them all?

I not only thing that Apps will be abandoned, by hardware too. So who cares if I own an iPhone or Android if I expect the SAME from all devices?

This is so freaking exciting!!

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