A little common sense can go a long way to setting things right
Enrique Dans

Enrique, I think you talk about the way the conflict has been dealt with by the company, about the way they tried to avoid a lack of trust, but not about the cause of the conflict. Whenever someone downloads and installs any application, we have to sign a “devil’s contract”, with a great amount of things we have to accept to use that app. It is normal that people start to get tired of that abusing attitude of the companies. Many times, we have to accept the use of all our data, the access to the cells mic, our photos, videos, we authorise them to send sms, emails or even phone our contacts. These things are much less than reasonable.

That is why this situation arises and also this is a new opportunity for startups. In fact, I am going to create a company that creates ethical apps that don’t require people use personal tools or data. Ethical companies have a great chance of taking advantage and that is exactly what I am doing right now in the publishing field and in a few months we will offer artists a new tool to show and sell their art ethically (better than galleries and fairs). The world need companies that turn ethics into a new product while they stop selling our data, our secrets and our intimacy…