My Herb Garden

This summer, the wife and I decided to go beyond herbs and explore veggies. Our balcony is quite small, just like any other apartment in Tokyo, but gets full sun from around noon to sunset over the summer. This year we started with assorted tomatoes, bitter melon and leafy lettuces!

June 13 — two weeks after seedlings transplant
June 28 — another two weeks later
more tomatoes!

Despite hail and thunderstorms around mid-June, we had a good harvest after 6 weeks!

July 12 — bitter melons, leafy lettuces, strawberry tomatoes and rosemary

And more every week!

August 3
August 9
August 15

Summer is almost over, but hopefully we will have a few more harvests in September. Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding, can’t wait for the next summer!

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