After this, you’ll listen to music in a different way…

Sometimes the best way to get to people’s mind is through unconventional ways, so I decided to go with an idea I had and see what happens ;)

I’m a big fan of music in general (classic, rock & roll, blues, jazz, techno), but during the last couple of years I’ve been focusing my attention on electronic music and all of it’s different styles.

Tijs Michiel Verwest a.k.a Tiësto

Inside my list of favourite artists of all times is Tijs Michiel Verwest a.k.a Tiësto (picture), a Dutch Dj who made drastic changes in the history of electronic music and how music was created and presented to people, from live shows around the world (when nobody else was doing them), short and long albums to a great mixing of sounds of all kinds.

That’s why I picked him and one of his greatest remixes, from one of the best tours of electronic music around the world ever made, to explain the purpose of this post:

“Tiesto in Concert” (2004)

Confirmation by Fred Baker Vs. Nyram (Tiësto remix)

Yes, you should play the song so you will get the whole idea while you keep reading ;)

Is the song playing now? (I know, we all hate youtube ads)

Is the song playing now?…Good! keep reading and take your time.

Why a song can’t represent your day, your month or even your life in just 5 minutes? I say it actually can.

There are really few songs where I can find myself experiencing these 3 situations, I call them stages:


(Keep the song rolling…)

Usually represents the first part of the song, this is a big part of the song and also of your time, because here you analyze almost everything, you pull together all the data you can and start taking notes, making conclusions, doing researches everywhere and at any moment.

Everything in your life and in your day initiates with a doubt, whether is deciding what close to wear, to what party go on saturday night, to what collegue assist, how to say “no” to your children’s bad habits, etc..

The fact here is:

Doubts lead to options, options lead to choices. You evaluate them, size them and think of them.

And suddenly, after a while, that’s where you…

“Make the jump”

This second stage gets represented here, please sync with the song:

(2.20 minutes)

You’ve made your decision now, this is going to lead you to be a better person, better college, better life, better set of skills, etc.

Heart’s beating fast right? it’s the adrenaline of knowing something is coming, something you have never imagined you could pull out, something that will make you feel awesome and grateful for the choice you’ve just made.

It’s not like jumping out of the bed, you know that, it’s a big chunk of emotions, people and thoughts to deal with.

Suddenly you start understanding and learning how to manage all this and pull it together.

And that’s the moment when you start…

“Enjoying the ride”

This third stage gets represented here, please sync with the song:

(3.13 minutes)

Climax of the song, climax in this moment, in your day or even in your life.

Now you’re enjoying the results of the decision made, maybe meeting new people, maybe going into that vacation so long waited, achieving a new set of skills or just getting into that awesome party.

(keep enjoying the song to the end)

Nice experience for only 1 song right?

The coolest part here is that from the very moment we’re aware of all these stages and processes involved, days and the meaning of songs will never be the same again.

At the end of the song/day/month/year, the only thing that hasn’t changed it’s the song itself, the song will remain with the same timing, rhythms, but hopefully you have changed, your life, your career, your skills, your meetings, your company, etc.

This happens to me with really really few songs, but this is enough to remind me that every day/month/year on your life you will get through these stages:

  • You know there will be doubts,
  • you know there is a jump to make,
  • but you must always know there is a ride to enjoy,

so I say to you “go for it!”.

Try these simple steps with other songs too. Before you notice it, you’ll understand and incorporate the whole idea ;)



Green Day


Ray Charles



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