Small Needs

Imagine for a second your ideal condition, a world where everything is exactly the way you want it. Imagine a life free of worries and no battles to be fought. You might encounter that life might slowly start losing its meaning.

The big needs of humanity are absolutely non desirable under any context or circumstances. Hunger, poverty and loneliness are conditions that should not exist at all in the first place.

However, small needs are a great motivator. It’s that little discomfort that pushes us to get ahead and pursue progress. It’s unlikely you have everything you wish exactly as you want it, but if that was the case, your journey would be limited to mere existence. Don’t worry, the fact that you’re reading this note makes you a part of an incredibly privileged minority.

As world renown actor and comedian Jim Carrey would say, “I hope everybody can get rich and famous and accomplish everything the’ve always dreamed of. That way they’d realize that’s not the answer”.

Embrace your condition, treasure it. Be grateful everyday for being so privileged not to have big, but small needs.

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