To whom are CEOs turning to when it comes to creating, testing and building new products, services, and ultimately new businesses? The enterprise is progressively becoming worse at innovating and attracting talent, in a world where startups are disrupting every possible industry.

The greatest talent of the next generation is…

There is a persisting notion — including among lot of senior executives — that R&D is the driver factor for companies when it comes to innovation. While technological advances can lead to better and innovative products, R&D as a stand alone practice cannot be called innovation. Without the support and…

In the wise words of Elvis:
“A little less conversation, a little more action, please…”

There is an awful lot of hype concerning Design Thinking and how it can facilitate innovation. Understandably, Design Thinking is exciting because it offers a toolset for creativity to people who wouldn’t typically identify themselves as creative. The process fosters collaboration across multiple disciplines, breaking the typical silos of the…

Juan Tejeda

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