“Every path to everywhere start with the first step”

I do not know exactly when it was the moment in which this project began, what I know is I have to tell everyone who may be interested.

So here I am ready to start telling you about this project.

First, this is not going to be an AI paper, it is not going to become a scientific reference. It will be my diary with my notes about the project, my discoveries and progress (if there is any).

It all started a few months ago when @vigasocoSDL started sending me messages to get in touch with him. The type of message was something like: “You talk a lot about AI, but I would like to know if you can create an AI model that solves something complex enough like the game of ”The Abbey of Crime“ and not the Atari games that are quite simple”. …



Hacking the Planet now using AI. Chief Envisioning Officer Sngular GDE for Cloud/Machine Learning. Organizer of Machine Learning Spain Meetup

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