Defending Soccer in America

USA Soccer jersey and soccer ball photo by Juan Ortiz

Many of people have heard the term “soccer mom” at some point in our lives and of course assume it means a mom that either plays soccer or a mother who takes her kids to soccer practice or games. However, that is not the case, in fact the term soccer mom is used to refer to things that are associated with females. Could this be a reason as to why the sport of soccer can’t seem to pick up momentum in the US? After writing “The Biggest Little Sport in America” I wondered if the soccer image in the states was feminine thus being the reason it couldn’t grow, and I wonder if I’m a soccer mom?

Majority of the popular sports in the U.S. are occupied by males. Sports like American Football and Basketball dominate the world of sports in the US. These sports have high scoring action with lots of contact, two things that are lacking in soccer. When asking Jessica, a Football enthusiast about what she liked about American Football she replied “There seems to be more action and there is no tie’s in the game so we either win or loose, tying a game doesn’t excite me.” I then asked Jessica if she saw soccer as a male sport or female sport? “I think that soccer could be considered male sport technically? But I feel like they are too sensitive and they flop for any little contact in the game which is why many people including myself might see soccer players as wimpy or girly.”

I can see how people would think about soccer as wimpy and exaggerated due to the theatrics in dives or fouls. But I can see why sometimes a player might make faces and roll around on the grass after a hit in soccer. I have played scrimmages with people at the park and when you get hit or stepped on with those cleats, trust me its no joke! You think a big football or basketball player won’t wine and complain about a hit like that? I bet they would. Have you ever been walking barefoot and accidentally hit or smash your tows on a table or wall corner? If so you know what follows after. A lot of cursing out loud and hopping on one foot up and down in circles while grabbing your pinky tow. So tell me you still think soccer players over react?

As far as soccer not being American enough. This is due to the fact that its only American if America is good at it. We can look at baseball and basketball as examples. Basketball world cup has been won 5 times by the US and received the most medals and trophies since its federation was created. When we look at baseball, we can see how Americans over time have started to move away from it as being all American. Why? Well this can be again related to the fact that Americans are not the best at baseball anymore. Actually Dominican Republic is now ranked higher than the US according to websites Top Ten and Absolud. So I guess when we start winning more international games and tournaments soccer will be that much more American.

Jesus Ortiz holding Nor Cal state cup trophy photo by Juan Ortiz

As far as a soccer mom term goes, call us what you want but we are supporting parents, and family that are supporting young athletes in their passion and if that means we are soccer moms so be it, but if there is something we all know in life, its never mess with a momma because they’ll do whatever to help and protect their own.