DevFest Ukraine 2017 recap from a speaker perspective

I had the pleasure to join GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017, the biggest Google Tech conference in CEE. The conference covers Android, Web, and Cloud with two days of sessions, workshops, and showcases.

I visited Lviv in 2015 to talk about Firebase. But that was back in 2015, before most of Firebase’s freshest features had launched. Firebase has grown to a combination of 17 services that make it the premier application platform for both mobile and web apps.

Check out my talk titled “Let Firebase help you to build better web apps” for my rundown of how Firebase fits into a modern web development workflow.

Traveling to Lviv from Dublin ✈️

With this post, I want to tell you about DevFest Ukraine 2017 experience, but first, let’s go back a couple of months to when I submitted my proposal.

Most conference organizers use a Call for Papers to attract speakers. It’s generally a form where you describe yourself and the talk or activity that you’d like to present. If you have something interesting to talk about I would recommend you start with local communities like Google Developers Group to gain confidence and then apply to bigger conferences.

If you want any advice please feel free to reach me out via Twitter: @juarezpaf

After sending my talk via C4P, I had to wait for the answer of course. On July 11st I got an email from Vitaliy Zasadnyy with this great subject: [action required] Whoohoo, your submission to the GDG DevFest Ukraine accepted. I was really pleased to see the message and other important information like General Info, Flight & Hotel, Presentation tips and Next Steps. 👌

Another small thing I really liked was how Vitaliy ended the email: Welcome to the team, we can’t wait to see you in Lviv.

I was following Social Media related to the conference and everything that the organizers were doing related to exposure speaker’s content, venue, sponsors, partnerships they had with local communities and also to bring diversity into the conference.

Ok but bear with me, let’s go back a little bit to the beginning of this year, more precisely to when DevFest Ukraine’s team posted their first tweet about #dfua 2017 on January 23rd.

After that, of course, they had a lot of the involvement with social media and different things that they were promoting. They created a promo video about what was coming related to DevFest Ukraine 2017 and the announcement on speakers really early, six months before their DevFest.
Sharing speakers feedbacks from previous editions also help to encourage the audience to participate and engage.

“This was a top-notch event! Great organization and energy at the conference, good topics, a lot of attendees and a fun party” − Mete Atamel

That is the kind of excitement that people get related to previous editions and definitely shows how the conference is growing every year and it’s quite amazing to see that because I went there two years ago and I’m following this growth.

The full list of #dfua17 speakers was released on July 26th with experts from Google, Twitter, Intel, Microsoft, Telerik, Twilio, Toptal, and much more. I was very excited to join such talented people.

It’s really nice to see how organizers are bringing diversity into conferences supported by projects like Women Tech Makers and Women Who Code. I’m amazed to see the growth in the number of women speaking at Conferences, at DevFest Ukraine they had 7.

After a couple of weeks speakers received another email asking them to provide extra information to be used while the speaker was being announced. It was quite fun for the audience to see extra information which related to speakers’ hobbies and personal life, instead of just technology.

Everything was well organised. At Lviv airport, Ostap Andrusiv came by to pick me up and we had the chance to catch up and talk about a lot of things while driving to the hotel. I got some sleep and by morning the speakers had a bus waiting to bring them to the conference. 
You can imagine how difficult it is to take care of so many details, but #dfua team nailed it. High five!

It’s #dfua show time!

Android, Web, and Cloud. Two full days, 1000 attendees, speakers from 16 countries, a lot of fun with experiments, sponsors booth, massage, games, relaxing areas, interviews and countless hours of networking.

Attendees were able to learn and increase their abilities with experts from around the world.

You can find the sessions recordings at 🎬

If you live in Europe or you are willing to travel to a great conference you must not miss DevFest Ukraine 2018. Check the website and reserve your seat today.

I would like to say thank you to the amazing DevFest Ukraine crew for organizing the event, and for making sure that everyone was comfortable and all their needs were met during the conference. 
Keep that great smile.

Hopefully, I will see you there in 2018. Until next time y’all.
Happy coding </>