4 Quick Reasons Why You Should Be Knowledge-Thirsty

As it is so commonly heard, one is not born knowing everything. That is true and knowledge is not the true skill you should be looking for these days. The world changes at such a speed that what we call knowledge a second ago, might just be an old theory right now. You cannot live in the moment unless you’re moving — and that can be frightening.

But what you can do and that will actually make a difference in terms of not only acquired but also updated knowledge, is to be a fast driven learner.

#1 When something comes up, you’re Joe

As things keep progressively improving, the need for a problem solver will increase exponentially because not everyone can keep up to date with all the new tips and tricks that grow in trees. Therefore, if you remain knowledge thirsty, you will be Joe — the guy that probably already knows about this new feature that came up yesterday.

Become Joe and you will be THAT guy. The one who knows, who can actually help, the leader, probably the one who knocks.

This also leads me to #2.

#2 Whatever ladder you’re about to step in, be trusted

Moving throughout your life, there will be times when you will be put under a role you are not so comfortable about — and that’s cool. However, how would this role feel if even though you’re not A-ready, people already trust you?

Make sure you always strive for excellence in learning new things you’ve never tried before. When facing those adversities, you might be given more easily the space to try, fail and learn, rather than a micromanaging system that controls you because of your untrustworthy effort to get our of your comfort zone.

#3 Conquer comfortable territories — infinity is the limit

When I joined AIESEC, I learned that to grow you have to get out of your comfort zone. The beauty in this has to deal with the fact that you never — ever — get back to the same comfort zone when you’re done. You suddenly have all this comfortable territory that expanded as you decided not to look behind, leaving the small comfy room you now can’t recognize.

Be a knowledge nomad. Don’t remain sit.

#4 Confidence levels are over 9000

It’s like a drug. The first time you actually break that huge boundary you built yourself, “oh, I can’t do it”, then what stops you from accomplishing other amazing things you’ve always believed not to be capable of?

You will face new challenges with a positive mentality. “Impossible” will be that ex-partner you look at the Facebook photos and think “why did I….? Nevermind, oh well. Life changes.”

You made it! Hope you had a good time. Heart for more. Thank you!


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