Blame yourself and things will happen

You do not get to move forward by laying your eyes on other people’s effort. The more problems you add to your own responsibility — even sometimes it may seem unfair — the more opportunities you will generate.

It is quite incredible the things you can do when you blame yourself for problems that suddenly come to the table.

What a bargain!

It’s not so much about whose fault it is neither about justice. It has more to do with how much you want to get things going, and how you, as a responsible, put the necessary effort to accomplish those end goals.

All right, maybe yesterday you were the one doing that boring task no one in the office bothered to do; perhaps the other team on the east-side of the building keeps running late to deliver you quality reports; and damn, they just had to cancel the whole summer programme, right?

Let’em see, let’em love.

As much as the condition of such problems may seem out of your web of control, to envision yourself right in the center of the solution gives you the power that will differentiate you from accepting, to building situations.

In the end doesn’t it matter to accomplish the goals you had in the first place? You don’t have much choices.

Oh boy, here it comes.

You can:

(1) choose to complain — and boy, you’re just good at it. From that peak of the mountain, hills just hear you trash talk everyone and everything. The more you talk about how your team/boss/family/friends/neighbors/starbucks’ barista couldn’t meet up with your expectations, the more you climb that hill. You feel toxic, but at least your conscience is clean.

(2) or choose to blame yourself — and you take a deep breathe. Undress your ego. Understand how important the end goal really is for you. Your vision is now different, because suddenly it’s not about what others can’t do, but what I can add to keep the ball rolling.

You choose the hat, not the other way around.

The things you can accomplish by blaming yourself are extraordinary. You have a new little super-power. You can intervene in situations you didn’t know you could take a stand on.

Keep the challenge of blaming yourself alive. It’s tough. It happens so that in many situations, it is not simply envisioned. “Nope, this time I cannot do anything”. Well, maybe you do. Whenever it feels like the blame juice is still unpacked in others’ bottle, do yourself a favour and pour some into your glass and see how that changes things.

You made it here! 🎉

How has sharing responsibility for problems you didn’t see as yours in the first place has changed the way you achieve and see things? Share ya thoughts.

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