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I’m a Digital Product Designer from Portugal, based in Porto. Over the last 2 years I’ve been crafting digital experiences, perfecting my skills on UI/UX Design and adding value to companies.

My latest work

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🛏 Hostelworld — redefining the search experience

We redesigned the way users search on the Hostelworld website, giving more context to the search and enhancing the most important features in the search experience. Our findings came from field research in hostels, talking to the business and user testing sessions.

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🎟 Last2Ticket — improving the checkout experience

We redesigned the e-ticket buying experience for Last2Ticket and created a new refund process for users that brings more revenue for the business. We went through a design process that included user & business research, user testing, wireframing and prototyping. .

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✈️ TripFund — designing an app to help friends save money together

We built design concept for friends to plan trips together, helping them save money as a group and discover more about their trip destination as they save. Our process included designing the flow for the user, wireframing, user testing and prototyping. Read the case study .

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🎶 MEO Music Redesign — enhancing the music experience

Redesigned the experience of listening to music on the MEO Music app for iOS, increasing accessibility and improving navigation. It was the result of a user oriented process with User Research and User Testing. Read the case study .

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👑 Upframe — bringing technology, doers and industry leaders together

Designed the website experience for Upframe, an acceleration programme that brings young entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Portugal together. In 2017, the programme accomplished a 400% growth in applications and won the People’s Choice Award at the Concurso Montepio Acredita Portugal. Read the case study .


  • UX Designer Intern at Uphold (Oct 2018 — now)
  • Product Design StudentatThe New Digital School
  • Product Designerat Deways
  • Lead Designerat Upframe
  • Freelance Designer

Other works

🎈Design System for Figma — The Power of Dynamic Elements

I have been using Figma and exploring how I can improve my workflow. I wrote an article about how Components can be used in an ever more powerful way. It even received a message from Dylan, CEO of Figma. Read the article on Medium.

📦 Adventures of a Product Team — a publication on Medium

I write about Product Design, working in teams and managing projects. In between words, you’ll find Mel, Mark & Johnny — three characters that inspire me to tell stories. Read Adventures of a Product Team.

💌 Application for The New Digital School

I applied for the 2018 batch of The New Digital School, a design school based in Porto, Portugal. My application and journey granted me an entry and a scholarship at this amazing school. Read my Application to TNDS.

🍻 Mentorship invitation

When I moved from Economics to Design, I quickly felt the need to have mentors around me. To invite Ricardo Baeta as my mentor, I drafted a very unique and odd invitation. Read the mentorship invitation.

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If you want to know more about my work or discuss how I can bring value to your project, feel free to contact me through juauzaraujo[at]gmail.com

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It’s OK to find. Product Designer @ Babylon Health.

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