Helpless Vision

Ease my texture engrave the pain 
Endure menace forgive disdain
Pave so I can fancy my motion 
And rise out-dire,out joy notion

That you earn thrifts from social prides 
Ever wonder of hardship how go tries
Impulses,Ignored demeaned or cries
And wasted outgrow broken yet dries

Canst you seek I as born enunciae amples 
Free spaced spade spur your motives grapples
Like For four next rest year have ripples
Amongst barn contusions of dripples

Bethink should I of known masterpiece 
Endfield route ruminate hassle by
Or casual as element of choice try
Yet Nor harm or venture astray

Quieter relam reign role solitary 
Isolated doctrines of twenty
Might shrugged a fate labour
In ages chide fade favour

Not do I blame a commute metaphor
Or insipid hour of dour 
Had said, little bones of spoken trust
And less anger of harm lust

Knob they say of ill will hides
In me, I foregrow the bides
Yet no listener but resembles weaken as excused spines 
Are company of empty-nester ; vines

Form honest ill brooding humor
Obstinate holded rode never
At all persistent couldn't bade ever
Beneath maim adhered much bare

Someday I shalt halt the thrice 
Of physic dobber for thrive
Shalt harnesses ripe amongst hive
Of valorous gallantry age if dive

Linger that could rename right
And race out land sesquipedalian sight 
Of mindful tenacious vigour height 
Yet along the roof of coveted plight

Ask me outcast or throw an inch
I'll ask your pace enhanced 
Or putrid outbound yet of your age 
If had stayed a night sage

That someday of incur wallow
Only schadenfreude whims shallow
Into steady stealth of knowledge when
I'll innate a notion sane

To mass pedlar 
Of infuriated miscible recon dwindle reader
Entangle wisdom of least wishper 
Renovated anger of rustle temper,