The Girl

No ransom, or obscene demand ;

For loyalty is outside commanded ,

And beyond the dream of rainbows fickle end .

That silent strength that’s by your side

And Advent turns of expressions ,

Primeval eve attire, adorn for a tide

Warmth consoles horizon ,the index;

Decent of old’s offtakes,hastens the dock

As lingers pitch the melody dark

Sublime tyranny vicious blinks for bliss

Off to the shore , thence apparent sundries adored;

Too many by weak shells and harden the bones -

Intend takes by tales and seeks as kin

Begone there when petals pebbles in winds

Swine the flexes, sobs lascivious pains

Oar a second, misfortune never the host

Spite the nails and nerves gives a boast

Be it among stars,subdued architect by lights.

From the extols of random sights

From astray those mar the naive cry

Secure and blessed, the summon girl try .

into deep clues, the honesty intrude prearranged.

Of emblems verge into echo peril

Amoral Covet dilemma

The fairer and beautiful,

frowned isolate lurks

With the secret eyes damming surprise

The cure at lips, the cold at works

The captioned at fashioner

Of leads, the antique this girl goes

At hope she sheds the roof

Into the tales of awaken mysteries

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