The Red-Lights

Oh! the city of red-lights

Such a prosperous wonder

In your talks, patience, the words dawn decay

its verve, so inviting entices to stop,overwhelm lose yourself

Overdrawn beautiful aroma mock, faith you into distraction

And commotion subdued into yellow brights

And,grinning faces ,yawn odium mocks.

Walked on, condescended to, deceived and disrespected . .

And then closed circuit beguiling of no way

So dull wind of smell rumors.

Wild whole the while, where the frames of Alcohol. .

Seizures tyranny on ascended naive

To optic eyes, the eel for beasts

At all Transgression talk the breasts

Young. the perplexed; fantom hunger

So much pain , painless want hanger

This the name O’Drugeer ,murmur

Damming your solace , stiff you are indeed infer weak

Seldom young fall the worshiper be your

Accord scandalous advantage right then your’s just leap

For who knows, solace of ravening propertied time

Thence tomorrow incur ripe your wine

All away sway perhaps weaker lame,watch.

Overdued by tyranny of the shame

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