I Love My Mac, but Apple Just Isn't Fun Anymore
Noah Halford

While I agree that they’ve mostly coasted on their great customer service and generally “slightly better than the rest of the industry” for smart phones etc, but I think Apple isn’t out of the game yet… Folks need to not forget that there were very long stretches of time between various of Apples “revolutionary” products, and the focus on pure rebellion almost cost them their company (Bill Gates bailed them out), so I think they are just playing it smart. Are their releases since Steve Jobs left us been as good as they would have been with Steve around? hell no! no one can replace Steve Jobs… But I honestly think Apple’s next big product will be some form of glasses/contacts to continue on the augmented reality line they’ve been pushing on. Either that or a car with AR windows.

In short, be patient…. like you, I’ve been an apple product user since childhood (in my case 1993) long before it was “cool” to be an Apple product consumer, and I remember how long it took between their first color mac and their iPod, and then iPhone (i.e. their innovative products).

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