What to do when your list of goals exceed the amount of allotted time left in the year?

Are you scratching your head that there are 28 more days left for the year! I know I am. As I review my remaining goals for they year, several thoughts come to mind. The biggest one is wow,I’ve got a lot left to accomplish. And then the wheels begin to spin about what I realistically can achieve with the remaining allotted time.

Here are some tips to keep you sane and continue to achieve in the remaining days of the year.

1. Review what you’ve accomplished first. That energy is going to come in handy when you start to look at what you haven’t achieved.
2. For those things you haven’t achieved, write a short sentence as to the why! Table any analysis of what you have written for the time being.
3. Review your remaining list of goals and prioritize them in order of importance.
4. From that list determine what goals can be moved to 2018. And take that step, move them off to happen in 2018. Ensure you don’t continue to focus on them since you’ve tabled them for the coming year. Resist feeling guilty for moving goals to the next year. Instead celebrate your decisiveness in making this adjustment.
5. Recheck the list of remaining goals. Ask yourself if there are any goals that no longer serve you. If so, chuck those items or archive them for further analysis at another time. Now you should have your real list to accomplish.

What’s next?

· Once you have that real list, divide up the goals into the remaining weeks. Careful not to overwhelm yourself but add enough to challenge yourself.

· Once you’ve got your goals assigned to weeks, plot out the days to your week and the actions you’ll take each day to accomplish your goals.

· Share your plans with a trusted person whom you can rely on as someone who’ll hold you accountable.

· Identify a reward that you’ll give yourself for accomplishing your goals

· Create a commitment that you’re willing to make to achieve the goals. Write it down and post it in key locations that you’ll see often to remind you of your goal.

· Take action.

· Accomplish

· Share your accomplishment

· Celebrate your success.

I would love to hear your thoughts on your method for achieving goals in a short span. Please comment below.

Simone Morris is CEO of Simone Morris Enterprises. She is passionate about empowering women to succeed and to design life on their terms. Next month she will be sharing more strategies to set and accomplish goals at the #mylifemywayretreat. Visit http://www.mylifemywayretreat.com for more information. You can also stay connect at www.simonemorris.com.