How to get better sleep

A review of blue light elimination strategies


Example spectrometer output from spectruino.
Spectroscope: LED
Spectroscope: Sunlight
Spectroscope: Candle

Blue light blocking glasses

These are better and more red, but don’t fit over my glasses.
This is the pair I like and use.
Ever since we started living by candlelight, I always notice the amazing candle fixtures in The Game of Thrones

Ambient lighting by fire

The Philips Hue are the most advanced LED bulbs on the market.

Ambient lighting by LED

Philips Imageo are great faux candle lights

Table lighting

Hands free red light wherever you go.

Flashlights and headlamps

While software can easily remove blue light from screens, the feature remains frustratingly rare.

Electronic Screens

Luckily there are blue light filters that do the trick.
Everything nowadays apparently needs a blue LED screen…and Twitter integration.

Annoying LEDs

Unfortunately there’s no “screen off” option.

Restless thinker.

Restless thinker.