Pixilated in Like-Love Washes Real-Life Bonding Away

Social media was born to help us connect. For you maybe, It is a great invention to help you boost some self-esteem from like & love button hit. The more they hit, the more you proclaim yourself ‘OMG, I’m such a queen/king’ or ‘look how famous I am. So influential in this environment’. Ha Ha.

I’m not a much a talker in real life. Believe me. I’d rather be in silence than get to stupid arguments with people. I don’t talk but I observe more. For people like me, social media has become a god’s-given miracle since Angelina Jolie’s lips. Hehe. It helps, what you call them, anti-social, awkward, shy, nerd, freak, psycho, sociopath, introvert or whatever, to express themselves. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, but there’s no point talking to you. Hate small talks, Forever! People shout at me ‘ why you so chatty online? why you don’t talk to me personally? why you spread that on social media?’ I can give you reasons why but that’s for another time.

Ok. Let’s start. This is the elaborate version of what I tweeted a few weeks ago. It is triggered by a disappoinment with my friends. Many of them do not talk (chat) to me personally after my last presentation as a major student (is it worth a wohoo? Anyway) ‘OMG you’re such a cry baby.’ Yes, it’s that simple. Call me everything you want. I’m seriously considering that as a big problem.

First of all, in our country, it is a big deal to celebrate the long-awaited academic title we are craving for 4 years (5 for me) of studying. Flowers, balloons, miss-universe like scarfs, crowns, ribbons are all over the place. I told them not to bring these unnecessary things when my time comes. Hell, I even told them not to come. I spare them the embarassment in case I fail (turned out I didn’t. Thank God!). I am sincerely grateful for those who came and didn’t bring those shits. (I know you’re reading, grup lontong! Thank you). And I have no grudge for those who didn’t come. I swear.

Then the social-media posting began. There are two types of person in social media. #1 show-off #2 envy. I was in #1. Tens of loves and congratulations are collected in minutes. I replied to them one by one even went straight to personal chat (tih, wek, nis). Then I scrolled down some more through the loves and comments. Here’s what I found:

  1. Those who I considered close friends, loved the moment
  2. Those who I considered close friends, didn’t say congrats
  3. Those who I considered close friends, said congrats in a forum

(Close friends: have been through a lot of hardship, ups-and-downs during 3 years of high school, 5 years of college, and internship program with me)

I don’t care how many loves or likes I get on my social media. I’m so ok with 2 likes on my post if you, my “friends”, do this tiny little thing to me personally ‘Hey bro congrats!’ That’s it. I could’t remember I missed that little gesture when you were having a significant moment in your life. Sure I don’t love/like your social media post. That’s because I value you, my “friend”, as a person. Our friendship is way more than just the amount of like/love we get on social media. ‘Selamat ya’ is way too simple. But it proves that you actually care.

The problems I’m having with the ones saying congrats in a forum is how hard could it be to search my name on your contact but manage to say that in a forum. ‘C’mon that’s the same thing’. NO. ‘I’m busy’. I didn’t ask you to say it right away. Take your time. How busy are you? are you Batman? (Even Batman has the time to fuck Batgirl on rooftop in the middle of a chase. Fuck that Killing Joke animated movie) The first thing that pops up into my head is You are an attention-whore. You want to get recognition from the others. Even though you’re congratulating me, you care more about how others look at you. That kind of do-not-want-to-lose mentality in a wrong context. Shame.

‘That’s just a small thing, why do you make a big deal out of it?’ Those years of friendship would be nothing since obviously you don’t actually know me. Outside I look like an ignorant-fuck but deep down I still have it. Emotion. It’s minor but it counts. By the time I’m writing this, I shut down my Path and Instagram account to teach you a lesson about how much I don’t give a fuck about your digital love. Real things can’t be bought by digital love. I still can’t hate you because you’re my friends. I got nothing but to kill all of you with kindness (Justin Bieber: 2016). But I can imagine the way you greet me when we meet ‘hey Brek, I’m so sorry I didn’t come. I’m so busy’. Ha. That’s okay. When you start making another excuses, told you, pointless.

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