Video Review: Do You Remember

VIDEO REVIEW- This Aussie produced ‘point-of-view’ style clip shows the emotional moment a romantic relationship is severed and a young woman is left broken, alone and disorientated. It captures well the desolate place of broken trust and painful memories, yet reminds us that there is someone who has loved us without end from the very beginning.

 It’s easy to tell someone to get over a break up and move on, but in reality, it can take a long time for deep wounds to heal. The same is true for any type of broken trust, especially when the betrayal comes from someone you love.

2 great steps to helping people heal after heartache are to ‘listen’ and to ‘ask’. Listen to their story, even if it is repetitive. Listening is an act of compassion. Listening doesn’t mean you camp out in the past and relive the pain. After listening well, ask. The question that needs to be answered isn’t ‘what happened?’, but rather ‘what’s next?’

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words when people share a painful story, but it should never be hard to show kindness. Kindness doesn’t have to only be expressed in words, you can find other ways. Buy a coffee, give your time, cook a meal or share a video that relates to their situation and shines hope on it.

- Relationships
- Breakups
- Broken Trust

- Someone who has been burned from a past relationship
- Someone who has had their trust broken.

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