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Judaica DH at Penn Libraries is excited to announce that Robert Singerman has donated to the Penn Libraries the draft of the full text and copyright to his revised second edition of Judaica Americana, the award-winning, magisterial two-volume bibliography of American Jewish publications before 1900. His draft of the second edition, including a Supplements section, and a dataset based upon it, is now discoverable in ScholarlyCommons, the University of Pennsylvania’s open access institutional repository: https://repository.upenn.edu/judaica_americana. Both files now are available to researchers, book trade specialists, genealogists, and bibliographers with the information they need to mine this invaluable resource.

This draft deposit is the first step towards an interactive digital publication of the second edition of Judaica Americana (JA2) to appear within the framework of Penn’s Judaica Digital Humanities program. JA2 will incorporate the monographic entries from the foundation (JA 1990) bibliography and the supplemental materials into an open, full-text searchable database.

Singerman’s first edition, issued in 1990 in two volumes was sponsored by the Center for the Study of the American Jewish Experience, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and published by Greenwood Press as part of the Bibliographies and Indexes in American History. In it, Singerman, identified just over 6,500+ monographic and serial publications, presented with meticulous bibliographical descriptions, classification explanations, and holdings information, i.e., the names of collections where copies are known to be held. His bibliography authoritatively chronicles American Jewish book production from the 17th century to the beginning of the twentieth century. The second edition contains an additional 3,000 entries. The revised total now consists of a still expanding sum of approximately 9,500 entries. Taken as a whole, Singerman’s bibliography provides extensive and authoritative documentation of American Jewish communal activity and growth before 1901.

We are profoundly grateful to Robert Singerman, Emeritus University Librarian, University of Florida for entrusting us with his extraordinary work and to Emily Esten, Penn’s Judaica Digital Humanities Coordinator, for all of her time and expertise re-formatting and transforming the text into a dataset and interactive platform.

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