Judaica Stores In NYC: Symbolic Engagement Rings

Diamond Jewelry With The Jerusalem Stone

I would like to share with you an amazing experience of my friend who was looking for a symbolic engagement ring for his girl friend.

He searched all the best Judaica stores in NYC, hoping to find the best statement ring with diamonds.

At this point I decided to help him. As he doesn’t have any experience in online shopping, I searched Google for the best Judaica stores in NYC.

And I did find something special — unique engagement diamond rings with the Jerusalem stone directly from Moriah Jewelry Collection.

Every piece of Moriah Collection is a memorable piece of ancient Jerusalem. The jewelry masters skillfully preserved the integrity of the holiest stone, Jerusalem stone, with the precious materials.

My friend chose an amazing reversible diamond ring with the Jerusalem stone. This symbolic engagement ring is presented in two sides. One side symbolizes the centrality of our core beliefs and values. The second side is presented in the shape of the Star of David. The round geometric pattern embodies the flawlessness of love.

Symbolic Engagement Rings With The Jerusalem Stone. Available In Judaica Stores In NYC.

Do you like it? You can see more unique engagement rings (Judaica Stores in NYC) on their website.

All the diamond engagement rings with the Jerusalem stone can be shipped directly from Israel to the United States free of charge.