You are all here to serve me!


When you pull money out of your pocket, do you think about how many people have suffered and died as a result of the power that the paper in your hands yields and the implications behind it? The Bible warns against the accumulation of money for an excellent reason. “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.” (NIV, Proverbs 23:4–5) When we reflect on slavery we think of one race oppressing another, and this is the case to a point. Much of this dynamic had to do with money and greed which is most often an overlooked point of slavery. Slaves were human beings who were owned by another individual and were considered property by law. Taking the human element out of “ Being human” turns the person in question into a property, but only in the eyes of the person in power. Nothing ever changes with the slave, they are still human and they still experience pain, joy, sorrow, loss, life and eventual death because after all “They are human beings, not property”. Threw dehumanization the “Powers that be” understood that entitlement then came with owning slaves and a monetary value could then be assigned to each piece of perceived property. Biologically, dehumanization can also be described as an introduced species marginalizing the human species or an introduced person/process that debases other persons inhumanely. Dehumanization is involved, and there are several types of dehumanization but at its core its pure evil. When you look at almost every evil that has and will exist on this earth, money, and power are most likely the driving forces behind the evil. One has to ask the tough questions, what such men would allow such a travesty as slavery to occur? Slavery did not just randomly occur; it was promoted, allowed and encouraged. Then one must also ask, who is in charge of whom? Do we many times go along with something just because its easy? When faced with adversity, inhumanity, and cruelty will humans typically do the right thing and stand up to tyranny? I submit that the answer is no, in most cases humans will not do the right thing. There are examples of some who had the fortitude to stand up for what is right but they are isolated examples and not the norm. Slavery still exists today but many do not recognize it as such. We are all ruled by the elite class even if most choose to turn a blind eye to it. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” (The Matrix) Daily, most will choose the blue pill, in fact, most do not even realize that there is a choice. The devil is real and the Archfiend does his work well. To begin to stand up for what is right and stand against what is wrong, you must first choose to take the red pill. We all have had feelings that “Things just are not right with this world”, that is your true, inner, self-speaking to you and guiding you. What you choose to do with that determines who you are as a person or should I say who you become as a person. We have supposedly sent a man to the moon in a tin can that looks like aluminum foil and recycled ravioli cans and will supposedly soon be sending humans to Mars but we still have no idea how to provide free electricity to every household. We have created stealth technology but cannot seem to make a car run on anything but archaic fuels that cost $3.00 per gallon and expensive batteries that will eventually pollute our earth landfills. Nichole Tesla proved that electricity could be distributed to each home without the need for wires, but instead, we destroyed the man that wanted good for humanity. The radio is proof enough that energy can be distributed wireless throughout the world, it is not the exact same science but the concept is similar. Electromagnetic induction is real and was discovered by Faraday in 1800;s, electrons being let off their leash is nothing new. Nearby devices can remotely pick up the energy and this technology already exists. Marin Soljačić has already made the first television that has absolutely no wires at all, it uses the electrons that are in the surrounding air with aid of no electrical wires, it is now a reality. Now the elite will buy him out and figure out how to charge every human a premium for this technology that Soljačić perfected. Tesla believed that lightning was a God-given source of energy that could be harnessed and cost nothing. We work jobs so that we can earn paper to purchase things that should already be free such as food, fuel, and basic necessities. Time away from children, family, and the pursuit of making more money is the trap! It is humanities God-given right to partake in what the earth has to offer but the elite own all the natural resources, technology, and money, thus the system is rigged. We have been stripped from God’s true intent for humanity by an evil Cabal who furthers their own ideology through their oppression of humanity. We quarrel with each other, criticize each other and never realize the true root of our problems. We fight with other human beings about issues such as poverty, systemic racism, slavery, and oppression but never realize the root of all our problems and where it comes from. The people who can implement real change are never held accountable for anything. We fight each other, we condemn each other, we promise retaliation towards each other while the true enemies of humanity go untouched and unpunished. We, “Meaning humanity”, are doing exactly what the elites want us to do, we fight each other even though we are all the victims. We are living in a created matrix of evil, manipulation, and hierarchy in which critically thinking people are the true enemy of the state. We balk at black on black crime in Chicago and scream out in protest but never question working a fifty hour work week, why is this? We turn in sadness when we see people living in poverty but never put our own lives on the line to help those who are destitute. Our government does what it will with “OUR MONEY” but we never demand accountability for that money. Our government has been known to fund both sides of a war, funnel money into politicians pockets and we never demand that it stop! Who ever said our government represents the whole of our people, I certainly did not. Public education is well on its way to doing away with critical thinking individuals and soon we will have a complete society of herd mentality, passive, submissive, followers. Before striking out in anger against your fellow humans sit back and think about who OUR real enemy is. Lead the charge against the right people, you will not see these people on television or in the White House because they operate behind closed doors. United we can all fight this common foe but fighting each other will only serve to further enslave all of the humanity for the future. The Technologies that will make all our lives better does exist, but if mankind is charged a premium for it then what good does it do us all? The goal should be free electricity, food for all, and the basic needs of life taken care of without such an inflated cost. God did not intend for us to work our lives away while being away from our children or at least not being away forty or fifty hours a week. What good is the advancement of human society if human lives only get more complicated and we spend more time pursuing a paper God? Nothing is free and everything comes at a cost but perhaps the cost should much less. Perhaps ten to fifteen hours a week or work would produce a better result for humanity and produce happy, human beings. Until the collective conscious changes and the right people are held accountable, human tragedies will not stop and our quality of life will get no better, in fact, it will worsen. It is time for humanity to see who the true enemy is, wake up and take the red pill for our future. God will smile upon us all on the day that we drag the banker, the politician, and the elitist out of there offices and into the streets for human justice. When we finally decide to drag them down the streets and threw the mud and we treat them like the rabid dogs that they are. This is the day that the Lord will finally know that human beings have evolved, finally decided to do what is right, have finally decided to no longer be a slave to the money and materials that hold us all in chains. The day we decide to raise our heads up and choose to live is the day that God will shine his grace down on us all. When will the majority of humanity take back the planet that God gave us all, is it not worth fighting for? When will the time come when we can all write our own story together as one?

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