Flow by Halo

Problem Statement

How might we encourage accountability and equal work among a group?

Design Process

Main Goals

Personas & Storyboards

Carpenter Persona
Tech Worker Persona
Wedding Planner Persona

Competitive Analysis

Task weight feature at the bottom of Create Task
Difference of Flow from other competitors

Wireframing and User Testing

One of our earlier user flows
Low-fidelity wireframe and our almost final user flow of the app
Different versions of the Homepage we tested
Final Version of Homepage :)
Low-fidelity wireframe with flow
Early version of our prototype
Figuring out our color scheme
Overview of Screens for Final Prototype


Push notifications
Assign task weight and can see how much work each member is doing
Visualization of project status
Group Messaging

See Our Final Prototype:

Try out our app here: Flow by Halo

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