Then take a year and $250–500K to start and run a mobile/web/cloud company. See what it’s really like on the other side of that boardroom table
Why VCs Should Be Startup CEOs First
steve blank

To see what it’s like on the other side of the table, spend a year refining the idea and searching for a compatible co-founder / team to believe in your (pre-product and pre-seed capital) idea… plus another year networking and pitching VCs, accelerators, customers and users… plus a year iterating, pivoting and growth hacking, while also trying to raise a Bridge / A round because that $250-$500K is burnt and your team is anxious, losing hope, and getting daily recruiter solicitations. Meanwhile, every morning you hear about a new competitor getting funded, every afternoon you have a gut check when an engineer quits or a demo blows up, and every night you have a sanity check when you think about the opportunity cost of those 3–5 prime years of your life.

The entrepreneurial experience is invaluable, and it cannot be bought with 12months and $250K. It is a visceral experience. If you want the empathy and insight that comes from true immersion, you need to take the plunge: take an idea, start from zero, and be willing to commit indefinitely.