[GSoC-2017: 5th week] Built-In Reports for Reference Application OpenMRS

It’s soon after my 1st evaluation. I’m excited. I even received 30% of my stipend amount thanks to Google. This week actually I started to work on OWA. That’s another reason for me to excite as I could now learn about ReactJS view library which has developed by Facebook. first 2 days of this week I did some remaining work from previous week, which was to write unit tests. I completed it and made a PR to reference Metadata module.

I created a new repository for OWA and hosted it in my github account. This was communicated with my Mentor and he will be able to make reviews in there.

I thought to make a separate branch for each week of my work so that it will be clear enough to review my work. OpenMRS follows a standard naming convention for OWA naming. I followed, but sometimes my mentor would have a better name than what I thought of.

Currently I’m working on fetching a simple report data to my OWA via the Reporting REST API.