[GSoC-2017: 6th week] Built-In Reports for Reference Application OpenMRS

This week I was trying to fetch the report data to the OWA through Reporting REST API. I was actually kind of stuck there as I couldn’t get the results which was supposed to be returned from the API. Last week we couldn’t have the weekly meeting with my mentor as he had some unexpected things situations. But he never forgot to send a message why he is late for the meeting.

He was so willing even to ask for a another time slot to continue this week meeting. So, we have met again on Saturday (08-July). At that day, both my mentors were present, I was so happy to see my backup mentors was also in our call. So, I explained them what I was stuck and we dig into the problem.

We debug the server and found out that some of my earlier development had a problem. Actually the exception was a NullPointerException. The reason when I request for a report through reporting REST, the defined definition library for some of the reports had actually returning null. Once I fixed that, I was able to see the results coming through the Reporting REST. I was so much happy that at the end of almost one an half weeks of struggling, I could get through that issue.

I’m still in the process of creating separate React components for each of those reports. Hope to finish that within few days. Tomorrow I have my weekly meeting. So, stay in touch for more info about my GSoC’17 experience :-)