[GSoC-2017: 7th week] Built-In Reports for Reference Application OpenMRS

Last week I was trying to fetch data and show them in OWA which I have created now. We had the weekly meeting with my mentor, and showed him about the project structure. He modified the package.json file which needed to add some dependencies.

I was able to create the components for each of the reports which I have created in referenceMetaData module. I was glad that I could complete it. I updated the OpenMRS talk thread, and I saw that it has been updated since my last comment was 15 days back. I think I need more attention to my project work right now.

I have created a very basic structure for those components as shown like here. My mentor told that we don’t need to focus much on styling yet, but to fetch the data from server module.

I think, I was able to complete what we have targeted for this week. Now I am looking to implement the routing feature from navigation bar to display the relevant components when it has been clicked. Tomorrow we have our weekly meeting for this week and I hope to get feedback on this from my mentors.