How to generate dummy patient data in OpenMRS

Jude Niroshan

Once you have successfully setup the OpenMRS in your local machine, you might wonder that how to get some data into your system. There are many SQL data dump scripts available in OpenMRS wiki space. If you try to download one of them and try to execute all of those SQL statements at once, you might not be able to run the server again properly if you happened to execute incorrect release version.

Don’t worry, you still got a another way to generate demo data with just few clicks. No need to open huge data scripts and try to deal with finding the correct release version etc.

OpenMRS reference application has comes with a demo data generation module. You can simple generate demo patient data from

administration window -> Maintenance -> settings

Change the value to the preferred number of patient you need to have in the database. Recommended for most use cases are 50 patients.

Once you follow above steps, you need to restart your OpenMRS server. Next time when you login to the system, it will generate the given number of patient data along with many useful other relevant data such as; observations, concepts, encounters etc.

Jude Niroshan

Written by

Undergraduate at SLIIT | Google Summer of Code student

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