My batch is Graduating, but me

It’s been 4 years since I thought I would be able to wear that cloak and the hat which every graduate wear on graduation day. I see lot of happy faces. My friends are there with their parents and all of those faces are full of happiness and pride. I know it’s not an easy task to get into that level. Today is the day that “Under graduates” will become “Graduates”.

When I look back into the past 4 years, the friends I met at the very first class has changed alot. They have grown up. They have learnt a lot. I’m happy to see that many of those friends have even got jobs which they were dreaming of. So, life is such.

Time is not a measurement, it’s just an indicator to our life events.

I could learn many mistakes of myself and also I could understand the people with these 4 years of time. College life is not only about the studies. Many of the things are all about the life. Making friends, working on teams, studying, playing games, having lunch together, helping each other, that’s what it really means.

When I see my friends are graduating, I couldn’t stop the tears coming down from my eyes. There is no seat for me in this graduation day! How frightening is that? Yeah, life is hard. I see when people are giving speeches, they just say their college life was hard. But I doubt whether they even mean it or not. I never failed a single module in my curriculum course(never even had lower than B grade). But I had no choice other than to skip one year of college. I wish I could go back in time and make things correct.

People have called me a stupid, but I do believe I made correct decisions when I have to. Nobody was there to tell me what to do and when to do. Nobody knows the future. I missed the graduation of 2018. I know I have already booked my seat in 2019 graduation day.

However I do happy to see the people who I saw in back in 4 years and see them today. Some people have changed their mindset for me in bad way, for no reason. I don’t have any hateful feelings for them.

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