What is feels like to be a GCI-mentor with OpenMRS

Google Code-In is an annual program hosted by Google. This program is focused to spot the hidden talents in high school children and bring them to the open source culture. Program is announced by Google. Usually timeline goes up-to 3 months duration. Many open source organizations are willing to take part in this program and welcome the youngsters to come and do something for the open source world.

It was bit difficult sometime to review all the tasks which are pending in the task review list. But I understood that providing feedback soon is very important for the students.

It was my final exams in the college and I couldn’t catch up with some weeks. There was a situation where GCI admin for OpenMRS asked some help from every mentor. There were few times where we were taking some delays when it comes to reviewing tasks.

That was the moment I really felt that time has come for me to do my job for the community at that time. So, I started off 2018 by clearing out the entire review queue and I was constantly provided feedback. Once you are reviewing it’s like riding a boat. You’ll never get tired because of the feeling that you get. (Dopamine… LOL)

Things to take away:

They are teenagers. Always appreciate their work (Say NO to copied work)

Provide in detail feedback. Give some guidance on what needs to be changed.

Propose solutions and let them to pick and develop it further.

If you are not sure about their past work in the same thread, ask the most recent mentor to check it out.

interact with them through IRC or other chat channels

interact with them through IRC or other chat channels.