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You’re on Team Joe because no matter what your politics were or whose team you were on leading up to this, you had an idea of what America meant to you.

You’re on Team Joe because you or a family member of yours went to war for the ideal of an America that has shifted beneath your feet, an America where unmarked and masked federal officers beat a Navy veteran on the streets.

You’re on Team Joe because no matter what your beliefs are, you’re fucking offended that a medic station at St. John’s Church was teargassed for a photo-op.

Disclaimer: This article really has nothing to do with anything going on in society right now. I had some curiosity about the viability of DIY plastic recycling at home, and I wrote up my journey. Maybe reading along will be fun for you :-) Please don’t try any of this stuff at home based on my advice, I am not a chemist and if I learned one thing in writing this article, plastics are solidly the domain of chemists. Furthermore, I’m confident that I’m misusing some manufacturing terms here; please forgive me and my armchair.

So I recently moved apartments…

A story about using Glitch-powered microservices to add real functionality to large, preexisting web applications. I’ll show you how we added support for Slack Classic URL Unfurling, a feature useful in just about every web app. If you like my approach, there are resources at the end to help you explore this path in your own software.

The problem we set out to solve

Slack has grown wildly popular and users of our (and your) software are expecting it to place nicely with Slack. When folks share links in Slack, they’ve come to expect rich content to “unfurl” into the…

This is Barbuda. I, like most of you, haven’t heard much about it before today. Their last census was in 2011, but most estimates today place their population at about 1,800 people. That’s about twice the size of the graduating class from my college, or about 6 times the size of the graduating class from my high school.

Barbuda is one of the 2 major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. It’s known for its secluded pink- and white-sand beaches like reef-lined Spanish Point, and North Beach, backed by palm trees. In the large…

Because sometimes it’s a beautiful day outside. Because sometimes it’s not.

Flextime means going on that nice walk instead of merely gazing longingly at its potential. [Photo credit to #WOCInTechChat ❤]

Flextime is the most valuable and most under-appreciated perk that I’ve known in my professional career. It’s a benefit that I’ve used consistently and to great benefit throughout my time at Fog Creek, from my internship in the summer of 2008 through today. I didn’t anticipate it, but my relationship with flextime would change several times over the years, and the sort of value I derived from it would change dramatically.

Flextime in the wild

I’m mostly on board with Wikipedia’s definition:

Flextime is a flexible hours schedule that allows workers to alter workday start and finish times.

I’d expand…

Simple Stripe checkout with Glitch

This morning, a helpful blog post by Slater Stich made the rounds on Hacker News, showcasing a static website implementing Stripe Subscriptions that was backed by AWS Lambda.

The thing that caught my eye about this post was just how little code it took to get a subscription service up and running. Wow! That’s so easy, I could spin up an ad-hoc tip jar, or roll-my-own Patreon. For better or worse, though, my recent privilege of spending a whole lot of time building projects in Glitch has left me hungry for more.

I like that Slater did a great job…

Boards and boards of lists and lists of cards and cards of things undone.

Projects and projects of cases and cases of things undone.

Sheaves of paper piled high with jotted notes of things undone.

‘Todo’ list is unfair. It hints that things will be done.

And let’s not forget our minds. Thoughtful and spontaneous and filled with things that we might do, things that we’d like to do, things that we feel we should do… things undone.

The things done don’t seem to linger.

I can recall them, but the weight is all wrong.

The first date versus the…

I’d like to talk one about one-on-ones a little bit, speaking as a servant leader at a small tech company, and advocating on behalf of the individual contributors. There are a lot of articles for a managers about effective 1–1’s, good practices, bad practices, why they’re important, and the variety of reasons you should pat yourself on the back if you’re facilitating 1–1’s.

The illusion here is that there is consensus on the purpose of 1–1’s and the techniques used in them. Let’s start by reminding ourselves that none of us are on the same page when we use the…

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