Good, Bad & Ugly. Week 4.

A Good, Bad & (sometimes) Ugly wrap-up of our journey trying to build Jude. Your Private Banker.


Lots of planning, meetings & white boarding again. Starting to feel like we’re narrowing down on where, how & who to play with … Also spent some time writing a little code again for the first time in a while!


  • Keep reaching out if you either; think you can help or would like to be involved in some way, shape or form
  • We’ve worked out a few potential segments of users. Next week we’ll start the process of finding, talking to & learning about their respective problems, frustrations & experiences with their own bank / finances. If you can think of something right now that really frustrates you about your banking experience, leave me a comment …


  • 5 amazing, eclectic advisors all agreed to help us over the next few months. Next week I’ll introduce you to them
  • Knocked out the first version of a native mobile app for Jude. We plan to use your mobile as the source of identity & authentication that “pairs” every other possible interface you may choose to use. So from there you can connect Jude to messaging apps like FB Messenger & Slack or voice channels like Alexa & Google Home


  • No reading this week. Maybe this weekend I’ll try read Tools of the Titans
  • Now I’ve connected all my bank accounts to Jude I asked …How much did I spend on food last month? … turns out we spend a lot!


  • Feel like I have a cold coming on … popping echinacea pills as I write this

Next Steps

  • More planning, more documenting, more strategising, more, more, more …

As always, appreciate your thoughts, comments & ideas!


Ben — Founder (& father) of Jude