A Case for Grants to Raising Good Political Leaders

Paying Attention to the kind of leaders that get elected in the first place goes a long way in achieving development objectives

Take a look at this cycle.

  1. We elect bad leaders who have no idea what to do except to build roads and install boreholes even where they are not needed.
  2. Grant making organizations fund that electoral process that see to the election of these poor leaders.
  3. The poor leaders get elected and can’t really do anything except the looting that they were there for in the first place
  4. Grant making organizations fund CSOs to make these poor leaders accountable and advocate for transparency, peace and so much more
  5. These poor leaders refuse to bulge, they keep on stealing, giving contracts to friends, Africa continues in its underdevelopment.
  6. To make the system better, Mr A (who has ideas, have engaged these leaders, advocated for anti-corruption and transparency in the past) decides to run for elections
  7. Mr A finds that he needs a lot of funds because of how bastardized these poor leaders have made the system.
  8. Grant making organizations fund CSOs to organize debates for the constituents. Mr A still does not have funds to execute his campaign like the poor leaders he is now contesting with
  9. Grant making organizations fund monitoring of elections in which Mr A is contesting in by CSOs. Mr A who really wants to improve the system still does not have funds to campaign
  10. Mr A approaches Grant making organizations. But they don’t fund political causes/campaigns.
  11. Election day comes, Mr A loses, the poor leaders win.
  12. Grant making organizations gather more money in readiness to start engaging poor leaders.
  13. (Back to number 4) Grant making organizations fund CSOs to make these poor leaders accountable and advocate for transparency, peace and so much more.

When will this cycle stop?

Nigeria and most of Africa’s problems lie in the quality of leadership that we have. While many people continue to pretend that they care about Africa or Nigeria so much that they fund engagement efforts, no one is putting funds into the raising the kinds of leaders that Nigeria needs.

I am almost convinced that no one is really interested in making Nigeria or Africa a better place outside Africa. What is now even unfortunate is that indigenous African people are now also towing this path.

The political leadership is the problem. Why is everyone who is supposedly interested in solving the problem putting money and funds and donations and grants into anything but that?

Please who has an answer?

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