Convener, New Voices Movement


Adejuwon Jude ‘Feranmi Kolawole is the convenr of the New Voices Movement and Founder of the Raising New Voices Initiative. He was formerly National Youth Caucus Leader of KOWA PARTY, Nigeria’s most youth-inclusive political party before he left due majorly to the party’s membership of the CUPP coalition which included PDP, and a breakaway faction of the ruling APC.

He prides himself as a community organizer both in and out of politics, helping to organize a new generation of Nigerians who care about and are affected by the same issues especially in the area of Technology and Policy. JFK, as cofounder of Founding Networks is helping to build Africa’s largest community of startup founders across board with emphasis on early stage founders.


After 4 years in Pharmacy school, Jude decided on a change of course from Pharmacy to Philosophy. He says he found the need to study and understand political philosophy in preparation for a life of service to society ideologically. Jude, a three-time parliamentarian of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Parliament lost his bid to become Speaker of Parliament in his last session on campus and later served as P.R.O of the Transition EXCO that ushered in the T.Y Led administration.

He has more than 7 years experience in community organizing and relations starting from his university days where his organization iMD sustained over three sessions, a community of student entrepreneurs and CEOs on his campus with focus on knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration. His experience also includes organizing volunteers in Lagos State and social and peace workers in the Niger Delta region for Enough Is Enough Nigeria for more than 15 months.

As National Youth Caucus Leader of KOWA PARTY, He leads a caucus of over 120 youth leaders spread across the country and over 7000 youth members of his party. The party’s youth wing continues to expand through micro group structures for youths to discuss governance and organizing and through a vast campus network of student leaders that only just began to take hold.


JFK’s work with Founding Network’s has been largely focused on community organizing for founders who are building a product or have a minimum viable product already and have not found the opportunity of an incubation program. Through meetups and community engagements, startup founders have connected and continue to collaborate on projects.

Founding Networks has also focused on the policy environment for the technology ecosystem engaging on a consistent basis stakeholders including the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the National Board for Technology Incubation (NBTI), the Senate and House Committees on ICT and Science and Technology at the National Assembly (NASS) to mention a few.

JFK’s work has been profiled by both local and international media organizations like OZ, BBC, Channels, Punch amongst others.

JFK is deeply committed to engaging the political process and developing young leaders in Nigeria for the building up of our nation. He is an incurable optimist who will stop at nothing to create the future he wants to see today.

Jude Feranmi can be reached via jfk@raisingnewvoices.org or jude@foundi.ng and via Twitter > @JudeFeranmi