Of Cry Babies, KOWA PARTY and Nigerian Politics

First and Foremost, To my most respected readers, I apologize for this. It needed to be done!

I am tired of hearing this narrative from hypocritical Nigerians who are looking for who and where to cast the blame for voting the current seemingly clueless government in power whose principal is now almost as unpopular as a N1 coin.

They point fingers at everyone but themselves. At some point before KOWA became the now visible party on the channels where they tabernacle, the traditional blame getter was Statecraft who “sold” the unsellable candidate and packaged him so much so they didn’t care about content.

For some others, it was the immediate past president, GEJ who ran the country aground such that they could even consider a Buhari who had been rejected.

Maybe it’s time for some real talk. Stop this paradoxical balderdash!

If you can’t put up with yourself for voting in these clueless power freaks who just want power for the sake of wanting it and nothing else irrespective of the relationships they break or the people they put down, do yourself a favor, move over to a different niche.

On Twitter for example, there are various communities, There’s Football Twitter, There’s Fashion twitter, There’s even Married Twitter. Leave! We won’t miss you! Ditto for Nairaland.

KOWA Party would have done way better than this government and I say that with every iota of consciousness.

The kind of Leadership in the BoT are not people you meet on a regular day in party secretariats doing nothing but waiting for the next political opportunity to siphon monies from the treasury.

They are NOT just accomplished in their own rights,they are Leaders even now and do not need any form of people to gather and ascribe a title of Leadership on them.

If you don’t get it and have never gotten this, Take a chill pill and let this sink in — KOWA Party and every other upcoming party did not matter in the last election irrespective of their ideas or the quality of their candidates because

(i) They had NO TREASURE CHEST that could rival that of the former members of PDP, ACN and what have you that joined themselves together in an unholy matrimony and labelled themselves “Progressives”. Progressives, my foot!

(ii) Nigerians thought we wanted CHANGE irrespective of the colour, content, bias, bigotry of that CHANGE. Nigeria needed to breathe and there were the angelic-masked agents waiting patiently to grab power in what was now their turn.

(iii) The middle class, which is to be said, still existed at the time cared very little about the outcome of the election in what was the mentality that it couldn’t get any worse that what obtained. Now that the ones left are concerned, the fault wasn’t theirs. The blame is to those who were not ready.

So let’s get this straight! If you are still reading this and thinking KOWA Party should do this and do that or Labour Party or SDP should wake up and do something about being an opposition. Get your hands dirty!.


Some even go as far as saying KOWA Party doesn’t have a grassroots structure.


Leave KOWA Party and face Labour Party. Does Labour not have structure? Does SDP not have structure? Did Buhari not have Structure the first three times he contested?

How many parties including APC and PDP can submit to Nigerians a comprehensive database of all their members and how many of those members number up to 1 million.

How many party meetings does the woman on the street who sells locust beans on the street attend? In fact, Scrap this question.

How many political parties hold meetings on a regular basis off election cycles? What is the percentage of all the twitter-made political analysts have attended one political town hall meeting of a political party?

Thinking you can just sit down behind your device and type away the many reasons why KOWA did not win or why KOWA is not even a party like some are wont to say is defeatist at best and YOU are a Victim!

You should really ask yourself how does it help that KOWA or any other party who could have done better did not and all you can do is Talk about it and point fingers!

Elections cost money, time, efforts, media and it doesn’t matter if the candidates are good or bad. The candidate with all of these combined together in the right proportion is the candidate who has a chance.

I didn’t vote KOWA Party in the last elections and I am NOT sober about it. I am not also blaming anybody. But I know that if things continue the way it has and I sit down and DO nothing, History will repeat itself in 2019 and we’ll be back to status quo.

This quote from Theodore Roosevelt sums it all up. Move on to the next stage of your grief and let those of us who insist on doing something have breathing space.