The Future Awards: What Point to Turn?

I am NOT Happy!

The Future Awards hosted by the very brilliant team of RED Media has announced nominees for this year’s awards.

If you think that this generation is just a crop of people dancing their lives away not caring about what value they can add, you should look at the list.

It reinforces my thoughts and arguments that we can boast of Young Nigerians who are doing great things and are not waiting for tomorrow to be leaders.

Of 21 Categories to which nominees were chosen, there is not one to recognize young people in POLITICS.

We have again failed to show that we understand that the politics of any society is the determinant of life and as a matter of fact, death in that society.

I am NOT sure the founders of TFA would like to compare our generation with previous generations on the basis of people who did great stuff when they were young. Their generation still FAILED and is still failing.

There can of course still be the difficulty in identifying people in politics actually doing great stuff but we need to start passing a message across that young people in politics, NOT Public Service or Advocacy, POLITICS are important to our generation.

No matter how great or how brilliant or how impactful the nominees in these other categories are, once we don’t have people who can replicate that impact in the political sphere, then we ALL will be back to Floor Zero. At best, these ones who are being nominated now will seek greener pastures in other countries where the political terrain is better and can accommodate their talents and passion.

When I picked up Chude’s book, Are We The Turning Point Generation? It never occurred to me that the question being posed which was also the title of the book was not targeted at the sectors and the categories to which nominees are now being chosen. There is not one need for us to turn any point as far as these sectors are concerned.

We might be ignoring POLITICS again in this generation at our own PERIL.

Whatever is appreciated increases. If we want to see more and better political leaders especially among young Nigerians, we had better start recognizing the few ones that we have.

I fought so hard to keep this to myself, but here I am, I lost that battle.

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