On dating men with “potential”


Nicely written piece here.

I think its ourselves who have the aberration in selecting dating partners.

I am a Man you would hate me I am sure

as I have no potential whatsoever.

But Anyhoo I digress

My Story

I went to a high end dating service Find the perfect mate guaranteed kind of BS.

The place was in a high glass city skyscraper with glass walls.

Expensive as hell I began to wish I was Jewish and could chat up the Yentl for a dollar.

The efficient attractive looking lady in her forties dressed for success.

Interviewed yours truly.

The sales pitch was hard but delivered in kid gloves.

She said we can find the only the best women modern attractive upwardly mobile perfect in every way.

Then the closing statement

Do you want to join its an investment
 just think the perfect woman.

I sat quietly for several minutes.

The silence becoming pregnant.

She said quizzically ..Well?

I said softly so as not to piss her off..she looked like she bites.

No thank you whispered out of my mouth.

she gave me an incredulous look.

Why on earth not — Just think the perfect woman.

I got a bit more confidence

I hat saying no to women.

Well you see

if you only look for the perfect woman for me.

You may miss the imperfect one that I could fall in love with.

Not sure if this really has a single iota to do with your story

But for some stupid reason

it came to top of mind.


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