How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

if you watch one sitcom the themes and plots are same for all of them

here’s my synopsis of a hit sitcom

I call it

my husband’s a wanker


the husband

Soulful Simon

a cat whipped half excuse of a man who takes perma shit from his bitchy preachy wife.


the wife

she makes a worthwhile career out being a stay at home wife doing nothing worthwhile at all.

except over managing her bratty kids who mouth out insults and put downs to soulful Simon

while bitchy Donna hands out punishments like no iPad for twenty minutes for calling soulful Simon a worthless dick.

now the lesson I see is don’t tell the god damned truth

you lose your iPad for twenty minutes.

important traits each character must follow.

father a total idiot with no say or power in house

Mother a nasty passive aggressive bitch

who controls most the money and all the sex.


must act the adults in this charade

god knows no one else does.

also you must use energizer batteries in the laugh machine

if you they fail

the audience at home will find out no one else is laughing either.

This plot is copyright of Jude Kyrie

I don’t want to see it on the network

without my 1 million per episode stipend.