Well, a few things here. First, this is good conversation! It’s good.
Kel Campbell


this has inspired me to write a TV movie script.

the show will be a two hour movie.

but I only need to write twenty minutes

to allow for the ads.

here’s the synopses


The last door

main character

gullible Gus

a dinosaur of a man who offers his seat on the bus to pregnant ladies

and opens doors for them as well other gender crimes.


Gus goes on a gender crime spree all over new York

distraught women report crimes scene after crime scene on 911 calls blocking up the emergency service line.

Police issue an all points bulletin for the door monster

who was last seen helping an old lady across the road with her groceries.

There’s a chase scene.

with a board of angry feminist who have been assaulted by this door openening pig of a man. they tear his clothes and beat him up with heavy handbags.

After a lengthy stay in hospital Gus appears before the judge in a wheelchair.

She announces sentence to Gus of forty years with no parole.

and to attend gender rehab counselling for four years.

Gus request Eighty years with no gender counseling.

In the final scene poetic justice is served to Gus.

The big burly prison guard

sneers at Gus

her twisted red lips curl as she

snarls and slams the cell door closed.


let’s see you open this door for me honey.

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